Gender Equitable Pay

It is important to recognize the inequalities and inefficiencies within infrastructures to evolve and adapt to a world that is constantly shifting in more than one way. Athletes of color experience harassment and discrimination from teammates, opponents, team staff, and spectators. Hearing racial slurs called out at them, whether in the locker room or from the stands, is unfortunately not uncommon.

Sports organizations should have a zero-tolerance policy for racial discrimination and harassment. Supporting minority athletes by developing a good reporting tool and taking every case seriously will make athletes of all races feel safer and more welcome. Immigrants come from a variety of national, racial, and linguistic backgrounds. With the Defi community, most of these challenges will be reduced with fans across the world get the right to vote. Incentives will be paid in $DSC or cryptocurrencies meanwhile establishing the DefiSports Blockchain across sports organizations.

As humans, we tend to improve our standards of living, develop ourselves, integrating better technology into our lives, achieve an outcome that is better than the previous, remove any form of obstacles in any field we delve into, and more. In 2020, humanity faced its worse crisis "Covid-19" which was immediately forced to cancel every sports event around the world, including the Olympic 2020 which was postponed, the sports federations around the world weren't prepared for such an outcome. Fan's engagement was reduced and revenues were dropped due to the suspension of sports by world health organizations, however, there is always a solution to every challenge we humans get to encounter.

Augmented Reality, thanks to the success of Pokemon Go, opened up the world to understand the power of AR technology. AR or Augmented reality is an enhanced version of reality created by the use of technology to overlay digital information on an image of something being viewed through a device (such as a smartphone camera). Augmented Reality is ideally suited for sports entertainment and fan engagement, However, you are definitely missing the visual content you get on your TV screen, telling you all about the sports, the background of the game, the participating teams and players, etc. As you will read under the heading the venue/stadium, several solutions in the making should solve this problem. However, during such a crisis, the sports events can continue meanwhile fans across the world get to enjoy via AR Technology.

AR/VR World of Sports


A key task for sports managers of sports clubs is to create an ideal environment that enables athletes to perform at their best. In centralized finance, a higher-up or intermediary takes a good portion of the money as commission. This usually takes place several times over as the payment goes through various entities before it is given to the athletes in question leaving them with diminished returns in respect to their hard work. This issue was previously brought up countless times but the voices of the athletes were unheard. Not anymore though, switch from receiving payments from fiat to cryptocurrency is the answer!

It is transparent and decentralized, not to mention, no illegitimate deals can take place without consent, as sports blockchain records all data and it remains in the system forever.
This will also encourage athletes to remain transparent with their fans and allowing their fans to interact.

Our project will develop Eco Track that will have all records, data, statistics saved on our sports blockchain, this will create an ecosystem with transparency for sports organizations to headhunt for young talents around the world.

Hence, further streamlining the process of recruiting, minimizing human error, and effectively combat corruption as every data, statistics and track record will be on the DefiSports Blockchain network.



Centralization is political with abuse of authority and lack of transparency, we believe decentralization is the only solution to make the world of sports a better future for tomorrow.